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Made in the UK | Est. 1939
Made in the UK | Est. 1939

Air Cargo Handling - Ball Transfer Units

Alwayse Ball Transfer Units can be found in cargo facilities around the world. Fitted on ball decks (mats) and dollies, our units allow for the smooth and easy manual movement of ULDs, pallets, and heavy cargo. We also manufacture units that are used extensively in baggage handling.

Setting the industry benchmark, Alwayse ball transfer units are the go-to option for specifiers of ball transfer decks. Alwayse units are currently in use with numerous express couriers, and having undergone successful testing have also been installed by several military clients. Units are available for the most arduous uses, with slotted bases to allow for escape of debris and the ability to handle the heaviest air cargo containers.

Watch Video: DHL Depot Ball Deck

With several different units designed specifically for cargo handling, Alwayse can supply the best solution for your project.

805 Series

The original heavy duty air cargo unit, the 805 is still the industry standard and suitable for most conditions. More info

806 Series

These units can be disassembled, making them ideal for applications where regular maintenance is required. More info

807 Series

Designed for low temperature conditions and ideal for use as cooler room units. The 807 is also designed to be quieter in operation. More info

808 Series

Includes a polymer seal to keep the unit clean inside - ideal for dirty environments. More info

888 Series

Reduced friction for easier movement of ULDs. Improved corrosion resistance, which is ideal when moisture is an issue. Features a tapered body for easier installation. More info

3274 Series

The first air cargo & baggage handling unit on the market, the 3274 Series led the industry until the release of our 805 heavy duty units. Designed with a flange fixing, these units are a cost effective option for lighter load requirements. More info

ULD Coldroom: Bogota Cargo Terminal, Colombia

Air cargo ULD deck with ball units

ULD storage: DHL London Heathrow, UK

Ball Platform for air cargo at DHL Heathrow UK

Air cargo dolly/ball deck

Air cargo dolly with Ball Transfer Unit

Ball deck on board aircraft

Ball transfer units on board aircraft

Baggage handling: Birmingham Airport, UK

Ball Transfer units for baggage handling

888 Ball Transfer Units in a ball deck: Victoria, Australia

888 Ball Units on Ball Transfer Mat

ULD transfer: Zurich Airport

ULD transfer decks with ball transfer units

Air cargo ball mat: London Gatwick, UK

Ball Transfer Unit deck at Gatwick Airport UK

Fedex cargo facility: London Stanstead, UK

Fedex air cargo platform with ball transfer units

Air cargo hub: Hamad International Airport, Qatar

ULD platform with ball transfer unit roller castors

DHL air cargo facility: Hong Kong

Ball transfer deck at air cargo facility

Baggage handling deck

Ball transfer deck for air cargo baggage handling

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

ALWAYSE Ball Units are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



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What is the Ball Unit Identifier?

The Alwayse Ball Unit Identifier allows you quickly identify suitable units based on 2 key criteria. By choosing from the options listed you will be given a variety of ball transfer products which meet your needs.

If you know the Alwayse part number enter it and you will be taken directly to the appropriate information. You can also enter other companies’ part numbers to find the Alwayse equivalent.

Fixing Method

Choose the appropriate fixing for your application if known.

Load Capacity

Choose the maximum load capacity required. Please note that these are for a load up orientation. For load down or other orientations please note that the maximum load capacity may be reduced.

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