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Bespoke Ball Transfer Units


As manufacturers of the world's widest range of Ball Transfer Units (also known as ball castors, ball rollers or roller bearings), Alwayse have existing units that are suitable for most applications.

However, if requirements cannot be met with an existing unit, we encourage customers to enquire about our bespoke design service.

Our bespoke ball units can be made to suit a range of non-standard requirements to meet your criteria.

Bespoke Unit Body Materials
Nylon; Inconel; Aluminium; Polypropylene; low magnetic permeability stainless steel; and more...

Bespoke Load Ball Materials
Phenolic Resin; Delrin; PEEK; Ruby; Torlon; Silicon Nitride; and more...

Bespoke Designs
Custom dimensions, load capacity, finish, or a totally unique profile design.


Oil & Gas - units featuring a Silicon Nitride load ball for subsea down-well applications.

Medical - all nylon unit for medical imaging scanners requiring no metal.

Glass - units with a PEEK load ball for LED/LCD screen manufacturing.


Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Ball Units from ALWAYSE are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



Our current Catalogue 14 is available as a PDF.

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