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Made in the UK | Est. 1939
Made in the UK | Est. 1939

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John Warner, our very own 'Godfather of the Ball Unit'...

Obviously John isn't a member of any mafia (as far as we know) nor is he a hitman for any, but what John doesn't know about ball transfer units ...well, you know the rest!

John joined the ALWAYSE family back in the dusty pre-internet, pre-social media days of 1985 (remember those?) - definitely a simpler time for gentler engineering folk…

John joined the company as Works Manager and soon earned his promotion to the position of Technical Manager after his keen engineering mind and technical background were recognised by the senior team. In his time long and distinguished career at ALWAYSE, John has seen many changes in the business, including being the ‘chief photographer’ of the move to our larger purpose-built premises in 2006! 


John has, amongst many other things, overseen the development of ALWAYSE mobile steps, exhibition stands and displays as well as some of the biggest selling units in the current ALWAYSE Ball Unit range - including the 530-0-13.

...We recently sat down with John to ask him a few fun questions about his 30 plus years at ALWAYSE...

Q. What has been your fondest memory of your time at ALWAYSE John?

I have always been interested in guitars, mainly folk music, since teaching folk singing and playing at a local night school in the 1970s. On my visit to ALWAYSE’ American distributor, S.K.F. my S.K.F. colleague Kody Fedorcita arranged a visit to the prestigious guitar company Martin Guitars, in Nazareth. On the occasion of my retirement, Kody came over and presented me with a  Martin Backpacker Guitar. Needless to say, I was over the moon with the gift! 

Q. Any interesting or unusual ALWAYSE Ball Unit stories then John? 

When I started at ALWAYSE, back in 1985 we also made a range of Mobile Steps. These were of rigid tubular steel construction and the larger 12 tread models were very difficult to transport - due to the size and weight. I redesigned the steps so that they could be folded flat and transported on a standard car roof rack and the owner Mr.Pinnick demonstrated this to potential customers by using his own vehicle as the very first ‘test run’!

...On the completion of a new crematorium in Streetly, they had an open day (a strange idea for a crematorium!) with the aim of dispelling people’s concepts of how they operated. I went along and noticed that they used our stainless steel flanged units, set in tables to move the coffins in sequence prior to incarceration. I guess you would call it a ‘dead ball’ table!

Q. If you had to choose a favourite ball unit, what would it be?

If  I had to choose which ball unit I would choose the '805-30-16' Heavy Duty unit, as I was the original lead designer on the project and was involved in patenting the design - featuring a dirt exit hole and unique floating seal.

John has been with ALWAYSE since joining the company in 1985. He retired from full-time duty in 2010 and has remained employed on a part-time advisory role since. He shows no sign of slowing down or losing his passion for precision engineering.


Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

ALWAYSE Ball Units are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



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