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Made in the UK | Est. 1939
Made in the UK | Est. 1939

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ALWAYSE lockaball

The revolutionary ALWAYSE Lockaball Locking Ball Unit brings refined aesthetics to the Retail POS manufacturing industry as an attractive alternative to large and unwieldy castors.

The ALWAYSE Lockaball Unit is hard-wearing, guarantees precision movement - and with fixed locking, makes the perfect alternative to standard footings, especially where refined aesthetics and easier directional changes with zero offset/small turning circle is required.

So, unlike a regular retail footing, the ALWAYSE Lockaball Unit allows precise linear movement in all directions and easy locking of retail furniture (such as a large fridge unit in a grocery environment) - and especially useful on heavy units that may require servicing or maintenance.

With an overall height of just 25mm, the ALWAYSE Lockable Ball Unit is visually discreet, allows for easy positioning of retail displays with precision and then locks them firmly in place.

ALWAYSE Lockaball

Click the above link to download the ALWAYSE Lockaball information sheet, which details all you need to know about this latest addition to the ALWAYSE product range

So, why choose the ALWAYSE Lockaball?

> Low profile

> Single load capacities up to 80kg

> Locks securely and easily in place

> Easy 360° manoeuvrability

> Contemporary design aesthetic

> Four units will support a display weighing over 300kgs

ALWAYSE Lockaball

Maintaining costs on large projects

The ALWAYSE Lockaball Transfer Units are available as a reduced cost set of four. This allows you to purchase two locking and two non-locking units in a cost-effective pack.

Make sure you secure your next Retail POS project with the ALWAYSE Lockaball...

Click here for full technical specification of the ALWAYSE Lockaball transfer Unit




Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

ALWAYSE Ball Units are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



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