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Made in the UK | Est. 1939

ALWAYSE improve the Weatherite assembly process


ALWAYSE recently worked with Weatherite to simplify and improve their assembly process by designing and manufacturing a large turnkey multi-station Ball Deck for assembly of their large 400kg Air Conditioning units.

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The Weatherite Group has established itself as one of the leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and Retail/Entrance Solution providers in the UK.  

Like any leading Business, Weatherite practice continuous improvement and as such, in 2019, began to look at strategies to improve the assembly process of their large 400kg Air Conditioning Units to their competitive advantage.

At this time the units were lifted into place by a mix of forklifts and overhead cranes  - proving both time-intensive and expensive. A team of engineers then took turns to assemble the units at a single workstation - this caused problems with constantly rotating toolsets and personnel - often resulting in downtime due to broken and mislaid tools and occasional injury.

After an initial consultation period, ALWAYSE worked in close partnership with Weatherite to design and manufacture a large multi-station Ball Deck, incorporating individual work stations to improve process flow, increase the throughput of units and reduce the risk of staff injury.

The final Movement Solution was a ball unit deck - 14m long and 3.6m wide allowing ten individual work stations which the large 400kg units can easily be moved between by individual engineers allowing a more cost-effective and more easily managed assembly process.

The solution, designed by ALWAYSE not only improves assembly times but also reduces physical effort resulting in reduced exposure to health and safety risks. 

ALWAYSE Movement Solutions

Details of the ALWAYSE Weatherite Movement Solution:

  • Weatherite required a ball platform track to help move air conditioning units through an assembly process.

  • We helped the customer with a few designs of the track before a final design was chosen.

  • The air conditioning units weigh up to 400kgs each and are to be moved manually on a slave plate 1200mm by 1400mm.

  • We selected the 522013 unit which has a maximum load rating of 160kgs, ball up, per unit. The 522013 unit was chosen as it has a low profile.

  • Each of the 522013 units was secured with CL1422 fixing clips. The CL1422 fixing clip allows easy fixing of each unit into the ball platforms.

  • The total quantity of 522013 units and CL1422 fixing clips was 1,134pcs.

  • The units were set on a 180mm square pitch spacing to allow for operators to walk onto the ball platform.

  • The ball platform track was 14m long by 3.6m wide.

  • The ball platform track allows the air conditioning units to be moved manually to each station for assembly with minimal effort.

  • The customer also required the ball platform track to have side guards fitted around the outside from 6mm thick mild steel to prevent the units from coming off.

  • The ball platform track is constructed from mild steel ball platforms with a mild steel frame which is bolted to the floor.

  • The ball platform track had a powder-coated blue finish as specified by the customer.

  • Each of the ball platforms and frame sections had to be numbered for the correct installation.


Quality Testing

Quality Testing

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Case Studies

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