Manufacturing the world’s best Ball Units   Since 1939

Made in the UK | Est. 1939
Made in the UK | Est. 1939

Automotive Industry - Ball Transfer Units

From Formula 1 to passenger cars our Ball Transfer Units have provided solutions for pit crews, test engineers and on assembly lines. We have designed and manufactured bespoke units for our customers when they required unique characteristics to meet rigorous specifications.

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Automotive Production Line – Wheel Fitting

Alwayse Ball Units are used by leading vehicle manufacturers during different stages of production. In the below example, the ball platform enables wheels to be more easily and efficiently attached to a car. The platform has two purposes, firstly it allows the wheel to be moved in any direction and accurately aligned with the fixing. Secondly, it supports the weight of the wheel during alignment. When the wheel is correctly positioned, bolts are then attached to secure it in place.

Car production line with ball units at wheel fitting station

Motorsport suspension set-up

BTC Norlin Racing specifies Ball Units from Alwayse for their suspension set up system.

Ball Units BTC Norlin Racing cars image

For the system, a wheel substitute was required to provide 3600 movement with low friction. Alwayse Ball Units were chosen for their ability to provide this with zero offset/swivel, therefore enabling instant directional changes. Paul Hartley, Chief Mechanic at BTC Norlin Racing explains:

“The set up moves freely in all directions when making adjustments, allowing precise measurement of the suspension set up.”

Ball Units in car suspension set up

The units are fixed on the underside of a jig with the ball bearings facing down, and as the car is lowered, they are brought into contact with the set up patch beneath.

Ball Units lowered onto set up patch

Heavy Duty Wheels & Tyres

Ball units are used to easily move heavy lorry and truck wheels.

Ball transfer unit table fabrication for moving heavy wheels uk

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

ALWAYSE Ball Units are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



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What is the Ball Unit Identifier?

The Alwayse Ball Unit Identifier allows you quickly identify suitable units based on 2 key criteria. By choosing from the options listed you will be given a variety of ball transfer products which meet your needs.

If you know the Alwayse part number enter it and you will be taken directly to the appropriate information. You can also enter other companies’ part numbers to find the Alwayse equivalent.

Fixing Method

Choose the appropriate fixing for your application if known.

Load Capacity

Choose the maximum load capacity required. Please note that these are for a load up orientation. For load down or other orientations please note that the maximum load capacity may be reduced.

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