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Lean Manufacturing with Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Units are ideal for creating assembly lines and workstations that are flexible according to workload. In the below example in use by Atlas Copco, the assembly area consists of 6 workstations linked together by ball transfer platforms and rollers. The design enables the assembly line to flow vertically or horizontally between each workstation according to production requirements. The direction of the assembly line can be altered without needing to re-arrange the equipment.

  Ball Transfer Units being used in lean assembly line

Ball Units on workstation table top

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

ALWAYSE Engineering is quality registered to ISO 9001 and has a rigorous policy of testing, utilising our specially designed test equipment.

Case Studies

Case Studies

ALWAYSE Ball Units are used in many different industries. Take a look at some recent applications.



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What is the Ball Unit Identifier?

The Alwayse Ball Unit Identifier allows you quickly identify suitable units based on 2 key criteria. By choosing from the options listed you will be given a variety of ball transfer products which meet your needs.

If you know the Alwayse part number enter it and you will be taken directly to the appropriate information. You can also enter other companies’ part numbers to find the Alwayse equivalent.

Fixing Method

Choose the appropriate fixing for your application if known.

Load Capacity

Choose the maximum load capacity required. Please note that these are for a load up orientation. For load down or other orientations please note that the maximum load capacity may be reduced.

More Information

Ball Unit Identifier

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